Stylish Adventures: Shopping Tours with GLOBAL BLUE


Fashion for the ADVENTURESS:  There are many ways to enjoy shopping in Paris, here are just a few ways to do it:

One Basic shopping Module is included in your tour, and that’s a visit to a major department store.  We’ll be sure that you get there, have a delightful day of shopping, and then arrange to pick up  your goodies, and/or ship them out via FEDEX the same day. Other shopping tours that are specific such as “Interiors and Design” are arranged separately.

GLOBAL BLUE CARD:  Maybe its your first time to Europe, but you don’t want to pay residential taxes, which add up!  We recommend the GLOBAL BLUE CARD.

SIGN UP and get full access to the world of TAX FREE shopping!  Sign up for your Global Blue card, and this automatically fills out your refund forms and sends the taxes right back to your credit/debit card.  No more messy forms and inconvenient lines to get your refunds.   click here to fill this out and have your passport ready!



Our Favorites:

Paris Department Stores: Full Service Stores in the Best Sense of the Word.

Bon Marche – Private shopping tours in one of the worlds most luxurious Department Stores.

Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche is open all year round, offering customers a unique shopping experience. Preferential services, attentive advisors and personalised assistance are just some of the courtesies we like to lavish on our customers. Benefit from personalised advice from our stylists, relax with a treatment from the beauty department or a gourmet dining experience, reserve a taxi and find out about exhibitions taking place. The Concierge service and Reception desk on the ground floor are on hand to assist you in any way possible*.

Gourmet Food:  The Emporium of Gourmet foods at Bon Marche is famous for its worldwide selections.

Printemps: Classic French Full Service Department Store.  Mass market labels and top knotch Fashion and Beauty for men and women, as well as children. Fully accessible by Limousine and Taxi.

Galleries Lafayette:  A traditional department store famous for its First Floor Beauty section that is famous for perfume and beauty launches in Paris. Fashion and Household goods, Men’s and Childrens.

Champs Elysees: A wide avenue of Flagships that are situated specifically for tourists.  Sephora, and Banana Republic, etc.

This shopping area is accessible by limousines, and taxis.

Le Marais: The hippest new shopping district where the world’s most unique shops are now part of your walking experience.  Not accessible by Limousine, and only for those who are able to walk extensive hours.

Place Des Voges: This historic place contains a park, shops, and beautiful tea room located in one of Paris’s oldest districts. Some of the shops there are:  Bobby Brown Make Up,  Mariage A Freres Tea, Cafe Victor Hugo, and a selection of galleries and other unique shops.

Accessible by Taxi or Limousine, or Metro/Bus and Paris Metro.

Rue Saint Honore:  Couture Shopping Tour, Rue Saint Honore’s famous flagships are known the world over.  We’ll pinpoint a selection just for you, and accompany you as part of the stylist team.  Stores range from Couture, to Perfumes, to Gourmet Foods, to fashion forward shops like Colette’s, Yves Saint Laurent, and luxury boutiques.

(Accessible by Taxi or Limousine)

Avenue de Montaigne:  This world famous couture shopping street, features flagship boutiques with an emphasis on fashion and luxury jewelry.  Dior, Chanel, Gucci, and more easily accessible by Limousine and Taxi.  Easily walkable, the Avenue also features the beautiful Plaza Athenee hotel.


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