Cultural Adventures

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Museums, Gallery Tours, Versailles Tours, and other cultural events.

A Museum Pass will be arranged for you which allows you the access to over 100 museums and cultural monuments. 

We have a unique curated list of the ones not to be missed for any Adventuress and also offer tour guides and books for you to easily access the main points of history, culture and art. 

Walking Tours:  See our Exclusive Menu of Walking Tours

Private Driver/Limousine:   We’ll provide you with a Limousine and Driver for your Cultural Tour by Request.

Top Picks for New or Seasoned Travelers:

Louvre Museum –  Backstage at the Louvre by Private Tour: Sure, you can go to see the Mona Lisa, but wouldn’t a tour be even more fascinating?  (*extra tour not included with Museum Pass) and arranged by special guides.

Monet’s Home & Gardens –  Monet’s home and gardens -this trip is via bus or limousine outside Paris environs. (*outside tour)

Studio of Gustav Moreau– See the beautiful home and Studio of one of Frances most sensational painters, Gustav Moreau.

Musee des Romantique – An Afternoon Tea with the Romantic Museum and park to experience this period in Paris. Bring a picnic basket and buy a few treats from their cafe.

Musee de Delacroix – See Delacroix’s Studio and Garden.  Have a teatime treat at a Cafe Des Deux Magots, A famous watering hold of the Left Bank Writers

Musee de Cognac Jay – All 18th Century Art and Objects in LE MARAIS.  Luncheon at a Cafe on the Place Des Voges or breakfast at a Luxe pastry shop a few minutes walk from the Museum. Luxe boutiques are nearby and a private gallery showing can be added to the agenda.

Musee Jeu de Paume – This museum and Musee L’orangerie is for modern and Impressionist masters. Monet’s great painting of Waterlilies is here, to admire.

Centre Pompidou  – The latest modern art from around the world

Musee August Rodin – The definitive place for sculpture by this master and Camille Claudel’s work is also on display. Garden surrounding the museum is perfect for a walk or picnic.


Our Tour(s) are all conducted in English, and we provide you with a background sheet of information on the culture, and a selection of our favorite guide books to assist you. Each monument provides you with guides in English, and Tours at the locations can be specifically arranged via the Museums, so each location will vary by institution.

Personal Tour (s) are included in the Luxury Modules, or,  you can head to the museums on your own free time.

We’ll provide you with maps and advice on the best way to enjoy these cultural stops in Paris to enrich your tour. With your Paris Museum Pass,  you will not be waiting in line, ever.  (*we will arrange for you to receive this by mail or delivery to your hotel).

CHAUFFEUR PRIVE iphone app is replacing UBER currently in the Paris area, so we will make sure you can download this upon your arrival.


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