About Moi: The Adventuress


Are you an adventuress?   It all started quite by accident, for me.

I was traveling to Paris to work on a project, and I started a blog, and that was the beginning of my return to Paris after living there as a 15 year old.

When I returned to Paris after many years, something magical happened.   It  felt like home,  and inspires me like it did my father, a multi-linguist and Francophile .

Recently I have been involved in luxury charity events, Paris fashion week trips as both writer and travel editor. This is always a bit madcap and fun so meeting a unique array of Paris experts has been my good fortune.

My unique partners will treat you like friends or family when you visit!  You can tour the flea markets, book a private class with a 5 star pastry chef,  shop 18th Century French furniture collections, go backstage at a fashion show or take a shopping tour of the best vintage couture in the city.  You can rent a luxe furnished apartment or we’ll book you into our favorite boutique hotel that we have stayed in just to suit your personal style.

I invite you to join me in a group or to advise you about a trip you are planning.

Join me  in Paris this Fall 2017 for another in our series of madcap adventures!

Pikke Allen,  Chief Adventuress                                                    e:  frenchstyle15@gmail.com


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