Right Bank Paris: What’s your Traveling Style?

The Right Bank in Paris is a unique place in the city; if you are not familiar with this part of Paris it comprises of the “right” side of the Seine River  or the “upper” section that has traditionally housed major institutions of Paris:  The Louvre, Presidential Palace, Arc de Triomphe, L’Opera, Champs Elysees, just to name a few places. The right bank also features the Monmartre area where the characters of Toulouse Lautrec danced and entertained their well-heeled clients at the Moulin Rouge. The right bank is formal and and resembles mostly the Haussmann renovations of the Later 19th century mixed in with historic buildings of the 17th and 18th century. The area of the early kings of France, known as LE MARAIS is now known for its artistic sensibility.

Here are some of our favorite places to go and stay in these neighborhoods that are each unique to the spirit of the area and to your personal style. We have just scratched the surface!

Here are a few interesting places to stay for the Luxe Boho traveler:

  • Hotel Monmartre – A boutique Hotel that is both sexy and artistic located on a lush garden in a tucked away place in the area near the old Moulin Rouge.  Its luxe and newly decorated restaurant is set up for springtime brunches in the garden.
  • Hotel Le Pavillon de la Reine – Voted best stay in 2017 by Trip Advisor guests.  A spa and elegant location in the neighborhood of Kings near the Place des Voges, our favorite area to shop and dine.

For the Fashionista:

  • Grand Hotel de Palais Royal – Near the area in the Right Bank that is famous for its historic buildings and things like the COMEDIE FRANCAISE and the beautiful Royal Parc, the Palais Royal.
  • Hotel Eduord 7th Opera – I was able to be booked in there very late in the day and our room was lovely just under the rooftops.  The bar is the scene of many fashionistas for drinks after the shows and is centrally located in the OPERA section of the right bank.
  • Mandarin Oriental – The spa is the huge draw at this hotel and its 5 star status when it opened in 2013 scared the pants off the other “Palace rated” hotels in Paris. Quite frankly its like a luxury visit to an exotic world of oriental splendor. Even the towels in the guest bath in the lobby are divine! Top level service, 5 star prices and yes, the overall calm and zen nature of this hotel is suitable for your stops in-between shows.

For the Traditionalist – Lunch like the President of France or sleep like a celebrity.

  • Hotel Barriere Le Fouquet’s: This past January the hotel started its renovations, and the legendary Brasserie, famous the world over host to Presidents and dignitaries around the world, will be renovating its look and updating.  By July 2017 you will be able to book a table and by the end of January 2018 you will be able to book into the rooms.  During renovations the hotel is closed until July 1.
  • The Hotel Bristol – for the Person who likes English style in Paris.  Angelina Jolie was booked in there the last time we visited.  She was ensconced in the top floor suite away from the Paparazzi,  but we were comfortably seated in the divine bar just off the lobby.  It should be noted that a marmalade cat is also in residence, and he is a favorite guest as he wanders about the lobby and snoozed on the comfortable chairs. He enjoys a little scratch behind the ears as well.  This hotel is for those who don’t need the latest thing, just traditional luxury and excellent service.

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